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add a festive and memorable touch to the sale or delivery of your new car with our beautiful car bow! Our car bows are specially designed to leave an unforgettable impression and make the moment of handover extra special. Let your customers shine as they unveil their new vehicle in style.


  • Increase the festive atmosphere: Our car bows add a touch of elegance and cheerfulness to any car. They create a festive atmosphere and give the moment of handover a memorable and pleasant touch.

  • Extra cheap. You still have to assemble this bow yourself, which makes this bow a lot cheaper than other car bows.
  • Professional appearance: Our car bows are of high quality and made of durable materials. They are designed to look impressive and to last. Give your customers the feeling that they are receiving something special and reinforce the positive impression of your car company.

  • Easy installation: Our car ties are easy to install on the car, with no hassle or complicated instructions. Within minutes you transform the car into an eye-catching gift ready to be revealed.


  • Dimensions: The car bow has an impressive wingspan of 150 cm, making it perfect for most car types.
  • Material: Made of high quality ribbon with a luxurious look.
  • Color: Available in a variety of colors so you can choose what best suits your business style or customer preference.

Add social proof: "Our customers love the car bows we use when they deliver their new car. It's a small gesture that makes their day extra special. It's great to see their enthusiasm when they unveil their vehicle!" - Car company X, satisfied customer.

Make the handover of a car a moment to remember with our beautiful car bows. Add a touch of elegance and festivity to the process and create a lasting impression with your customers. Order our car bows today and turn every handover into a festive event!

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